Monday, May 20, 2013

start struggeling crazy money eating life is shit and many ore but thats is the ways to wake me up and try to love my surroundings.

OMG! sedar atau only have about a month to finish out all my task.i dont know where to start.all is about money !money!money!!!!!!! then how? where to get it?how to get it?and whyyyyy????? those who dont know,they wont understand and never try to.but im very thankful to have this very understanding family...a lots of thanks to my older brother and sister that support me and also not forget to my love one.i realy hope that my sister not read this blog but if you are reading now plese!!!!!acting like you are not.hahahah!tolonglah kak ida. im tired and sick of all tired to study,im tired of all.very tired.! works come never stop.BEBAN!actually its not realy about my work its actually about my parents.i know they realy loves their child and want to give the best they can but plese boleh cari.x pyh la susah2 nak kompolkan harta untuk tolong la jage ape yg ade skarang ni....xnk tulis panjang2...cukup sekadar mintak utk difahami......kalau duit tu simpan untuk yg lbh penting kan bgus.x pyh susahkan adik bradik lain......malu sbnarny,...tau msing2 ade ap blh buat aq x kje pn lgi..insyaallah kalau pnjang umur aq akn cube bantu yg terdaya.usaha mcm yg semua pnah buat utk aq...tak tau lah nak kate....mak abah....tolonglah!

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